Contact Information

Exec Sponsor, Lynnette Zelezny, Associate Provost and Interim Senior Academic Technology Officer

Chair, Exec Sponsor, Janice Brown, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities

CAO, Andrew Huff, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 


Instructional Materials:


Kevin Ayotte, Vice Chair of Academic Senate, and

Rima Maldonado, Alternate Media Services Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities


Chair:Tom Siechert, ATI Procurement Program Manager, Procurement and Support Services (Section 508 compliance)

Web Accessibility;

Chair: Dawn Truelson, Associate Director- Web Services University Communications

 Ad-Hoc Committee on Communications:

Chair: Bruce Whitworth - Director, University Communications

Full ATI Membership:

 Web Accessibility Subcommittee (Web)

Medeiros, Kevin - Staff/University Communications

Trembley, Stephen - Director/IT for Athletics/Athletics

Williams, Marvin - Assistive Technology Coordinator/SSD

Plattner, Mark -  Staff/Auxiliary Services

Harding, Michael -  Staff/Informational Technology

Newsome, Jason - Staff/University Communications

Student Reprentative - TBD

Instructional Materials Subcommittee (IM)

Willaims, Lynn - Chair of Academic Senate

Botwin, Mike -  Faculty/Psychology

Guthier, Scott (Dusty) - Book Department Manager/ Kennel Bookstore

Parkinson, Curt - Interim Director/Kennel Bookstore

Garvin, Terry - Accessability & Media Specialist/TILT

Bennett, Mary - TILT

Sailor, Scott - Professor/CSALT

Schreiber, Fred -  Faculty/Chair/Biology/Academic Planning and Policy Committee

Vang,Vang - Faculty/Library

Anthony Farnesi - Student Reprentative

Procurement Subcommittee

Auernheimer, Brent - Senior Advisor for Academic Technology Digital

Cotham, Brian -  Director/Procurement and Support Services

Eurich, Theresa - Director/Auxiliary Services

Powell, Lynne - Information Technology Consultant/IT

Grice, Brittany -  Institutional Compliance Administrator/HR

Williams, Marvin - Assistive Technology Coordinator/SSD

Communications NEW! Ad-Hoc Subcomittee

Members TBD

General Membership

Parten, Janice - Director/HR/ADA Coord.

Sanchez, Rudy - Director/TILT/CSALT/ and Faculty/Management

Michaels, Jim - Director, Technical Services

TBD - Student/ATI Adm. Support