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Faculty FAQ's

Q. How do I get my course on Blackboard?

A. Courses are created automatically for all courses. A footnote 17 denotes a Web-Based course and a footnote 57 denotes a hybrid course.

Q. Students can't see my course. How do I make my course available?

A. Faculty must change the course availability to allow students to access their courses. To do this, through the Control Panel area go to Customization > Properties > Make Course Available > Yes > Submit.

Q. How can I add another faculty member, TA , or student to my class?

A. Go to the Control Panel area and select Users and Groups > Users > 'Find Users to Enroll' > type in their username (or click on Browse to search for them using their last name) > change their Role > Submit.

Q. Why does my Bb roster list more students than my PeopleSoft roster?

A. From the beginning of the semester to census date, students are only added to Blackboard rosters - not removed. If students have enrolled and dropped on PeopleSoft, they will still be in Blackboard but not on the current PeopleSoft roster.
A one-time process is performed to automatically disable all withdrawn students the week after census date. Faculty can choose to manually remove students or wait until after the census date to have students automatically disabled from a roster.
It is possible to manually remove students from your roster by going through the Control Panel area and selecting Users and Groups > Users > Check the box next to the person's name > 'Remove Users from Course' > Submit.

Q. How do I copy my course from a previous semester to this semester?

A. The Copy Course option is located in the Control Panel area in Packages and Utilities. To copy a course from a previous semester, click in to the old course (the one you want to copy from) select 'Course Copy' from the Packages and Utilities area > browse and find the Course you want to copy into > select the items to copy > Submit. DO NOT INCLUDE ENROLLMENT.

Q. What are the course numbers for this semester?

A. The last four digits in the course ID signifies the term. The first three digits represent the year (ie: 217 is 2017) and the last digit represents the term (1 = winter, 3 = spring, 5 = summer, and 7 = fall).

Q. When will students be added to my course?

A. Rosters are uploaded directly from PeopleSoft starting two weeks before the semester begins. This occurs several times a day during the first weeks of the semester. If a student has a valid username and password and has added a course in PeopleSoft, the student's name should show up in the Blackboard roster within one business day.

Q. When do Blackboard course shells get created?

A. Official Blackboard course shells (with official Course IDs) are created six weeks before the beginning of each semester. Course shells are automatically generated for all courses.

Q. What if I want a course shell for a course that isn't offered yet?

A. At any time during the calendar year, you can request a Development Course Shell by completing the Development Course Request form. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the course shell to be created.
A Development Course Shell will be created with a generic course ID and will not have any students in the roster. It is the instructor's responsibility to copy the development course content into an official course shell when the course is ready. Please see instructions on copying courses or contact the Resource Center for assistance (559.278.7373).

Q. How do students get Blackboard access?

A. Students must have a Fresno State email account to have a Blackboard account. The student's Blackboard username and password are the same as their Fresno State email username and password.
Students can sign up for a Fresno State email account at: should contact the Help Desk at (559) 278-5000 if they need assistance with their email username and password.

Q. How do students reset their passwords?

A. Students can reset their Fresno State email password at: should contact the Help Desk at (559) 278-5000 if they need assistance with their email username and password.

Q. Is there a Blackboard manual for students?

A. There is an organization in Blackboard for students called 'Blackboard Student Orientation'. There is also a HELP button in each course that goes to a Blackboard Manual.

Q. Can I request a Blackboard orientation for my classroom?

A. Students can self-enroll in the Blackboard Student Orientation which is found on the 'My Blackboard' tab once logged into There is also a Student Orientation module that you can upload directly into your course.

Q. How long do my courses stay on Blackboard?

A. Fresno State only retains the past four semesters (current + three past semesters) on Blackboard. To request courses to be archived and removed from Blackboard please fill out an archive and remove form at