Service-Learning in the Classroom

Dr. Matthew Jendian with student

Dr. Matthew Jendian, a long-time service-learning practitioner, introduces theory to his students in the classroom, who then put it into practice in the community

Service-Learning is an educational approach tying relevant community service to academic content and using critical reflection activities to strengthen learning and developmental outcomes. Fresno State is a leader in the service-learning field, with over 100 service-learning course sections offered each year. Research demonstrates that using high-quality service-learning approaches produces a significant improvement in students’ academic, personal and professional development. Faculty members and the community also benefit from the use of service-learning.

Faculty Service-Learning Website

The Richter Center is committed to assisting faculty in their efforts to incorporate service-learning into the classroom.  The Center hosts a faculty service-learning website with seven modules designed as a starting point for anyone new to service-learning, or for a veteran service-learning practitioner who is looking to polish their service-learning expertise.   Visit the faculty service-learning website to view the modules and get started today!