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iClicker Update Clinic

An iClicker Update Clinic will be offered Thursday, December 7 in the Center for Faculty Excellence. The two part clinic will include: 

  1. "I'm ready to start using iClicker Cloud!" workshop from 12:00 - 12:45 p.m. Register for the workshop. Lunch is provided!
  2. open lab time from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. This is your time to come meet with Steve Foster from iClicker. He will be here to provide support for any instructor using iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud. He will also be checking the firmware on iClicker bases so bring your base with you!!

Fresno State has again chosen iClicker as the university supported student response system.

Continuing iClicker users!! If you still have a BLACK base (and not a white one) please contact JoLynne (jblake@csufresno.edu) or Jeff (jcolvin@csufresno.edu) to get a new one!!

Steps for using them in a face-to-face class:

  1. Contact the Kennel Bookstore to let them know you will be using them
  2. Create your iClicker Cloud account by going to https://www.iclicker.com/ and selecting 'Create an Account' > Instructor
  3. Have your students purchase the bundled iClicker2 plus 5 year access to REEF polling from the Kennel bookstore (remind them they can receive a $10 instant rebate if they bring in their old iClicker)
  4. Students will also need to create their iClicker Cloud account by going to https://www.iclicker.com/ and selecting 'Create an Account' > Student
  5. Contact JoLynne Blake (jblake@csufresno.edu, 559.278.8788) in the Center for Faculty Excellence if you need assistance


iClicker Cloud INSTRUCTOR Support Page 

iClicker Cloud STUDENT Support Page

Resources and Articles:

Fresno State's use of iClicker supports the California State Student Association (CSSA) Resolution Calling for the Standardization of Student Response Systems: https://www.calstate.edu/acadsen/Records/Resolutions/2010-2011/3007.shtml
CSU Resolution AS-3007-11/AA/FGA (Rev)

  • “Current practices frequently require students to purchase multiple devices that many times are used for one class and then not used again.”
  • “Standardization of such devices on individual campuses would serve to reduce student costs while improving Information Technology support services to students.”

Educause - Clickers in the Classroom: Transforming Students into Active Learners: http://www.educause.edu/Resources/ClickersintheClassroomTransfor/231423

Merlot Case Stories - Audience Response Systems: http://elixr.merlot.org/case-stories/technology--learning/audience-response-systems?noCache=734:1304556136

Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching: http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/teaching-guides/technology/clickers/

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at University of British Columbia: http://www.cwsei.ubc.ca/resources/clickers.htm