Chicano and Latin American Studies provides an opportunity for a pluralistic exchange of ideas in an interdisciplinary academic setting, where faculty, students, and visiting Chicano and Latin American scholars can share experiences and create a dynamic, intellectual environment.

Chicanos and other Latinos will soon be the largest ethnic group in California. Demographers estimate that in California 40 percent of the population will be of Mexican or Latino ancestry by the year 2030. This segment of our population will have a major impact on our society, as its presence translates into an increasing economic and political influence. Crucial social, economic, and political decisions will be made that affect this group and the nation at large. The growth of Latino-owned businesses, Spanish language media networks, and political organizations are all indicators of the importance of the Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. economy.

The department emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of family life, history, politics, culture, and the arts of Chicano and Latin American communities. The courses reflect an integrated approach in providing students with greater knowledge and understanding of the social reality and diversity of Chicanos and Latin Americans.

What You Can Do

Pursue a career in:

  • U.S.-Mexico Relations
  • Teaching and Education
  • Social Work and Counseling
  • Law
  • Government work

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Music of Mexico and the Southwest
  • Critical Thinking in Chicano and Latin American Studies
  • Chicano Literature
  • Cultural Change and the Latino

What You Can Learn

The Latino population's contribution to the development of a multicultural nation during the late twentieth century

About Latin America and it's nations, history, problems and realities

Chicano artistic expression with attention to cultural continuity

Analysis of the customs, values, belief systems, and their symbols

About the College

The College of Social Sciences studies the human experience, including the depth of the past and the breadth of the entire planet.

We place emphasis on learning practical skills to aid you in your career. Our students do internships, participate in archaeological digs, or do service-learning projects with a non-profit agency. Students can assist on research projects or organize a social change project.

Whatever a student's major, they enjoy our witty and talented faculty and our caring staff as they discover our social world.

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