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Computer Engineering encompasses digital and computer systems, embedded processors, digital signal processing, R. F. (wireless) systems, optical communications, solid-state electronics, integrated circuit design and fabrication, computer networking and software engineering. Our BS degree program provides:

  • A strong emphasis in electrical engineering (primarily electronic circuits and systems);
  • A broad basis in mathematics, physical science, and general engineering;
  • Fundamentals of computer science including programming, methodology, software engineering; and
  • Introductory and advanced concepts in the design of computers and computer systems.

What You Can Earn

Computer Engineer III - $137,000
(in California)

Source:, 2012 career website

What You Can Do

Pursue careers in optical communications, microelectronics, computers, radar, microwave communications, and innovative alternative energy sources.

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Communication Engineering
  • Wireless Communications Systems
  • Electromagnetic Theory and Applications

What You Can Learn

  • Principles of electrical circuits
  • Structural organization, hardware architecture and design of digital computer systems
  • Design of digital systems utilizing microprocessors
  • Analyze and design high frequency amplifiers

About the College

The Lyles College of Engineering is the only publicly supported engineering college in the San Joaquin Valley. The mission of the college includes developing each student's potential to the greatest extent possible, provide a quality engineering education to all students and to serve students from groups that historically have not participated in a university education.

Contact the College

Office of the Dean
2320 E. San Ramon Avenue MS/EE94
Fresno CA 93740-8030

(559) 278-2500
FAX: (559) 278-4475
Campus Mail Stop: M/S EE94

Office Location:
Room 124 in the Engineering East Building, on San Ramon east of Jackson Avenue.

Department Contact Information

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2320 E. San Ramon Ave, MS EE 94
Fresno, CA 93740-8030

(559) 278-2726 FAX (559) 278-6297