Language is an essential part of life.

Language is an essential part of our life. Nothing characterizes humanity more than the ability to use language. Linguists analyze sounds, words, sentences, and texts. Linguists also make valuable contributions to practical fields such as second and foreign language teaching, language planning, translation, computer science, forensic linguistics, and the study of language disorders.

Our majors can be applied directly to various professional fields. They also serve as excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degrees in linguistics and other fields such as English, anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, cognitive science, computer science, and foreign languages. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is an important part of our program and especially compatible with degrees in education and liberal studies. A Japanese minor can be profitably combined with majors in such areas as business, international relations, linguistics, and literature.

What You Can Earn

$44,559 (in our region)

Source: HR Reported data from as of December 2012

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Introduction to Language (Ling 10, GE Foundation A2)
  • Language through the Lifespan (Ling 30, GE Breadth E1)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (Ling 100)
  • Language, Culture and Society (Ling 115, GE Integration IC)
  • Japanese Language and Culture (Ling 120)
  • Language and Gender (Ling 130, GE)
  • Practical English Grammar for Language Teachers (Ling 146)
  • Arabic 1A-B (GE Breadth C2)
  • Chinese 1A-B (GE Breadth C2)
  • Hmong 1A-B (GE Breadth C2)
  • Japanese 1A-B (GE Breadth C2)
  • Persian 1A-B (GE Breadth C2)

What You Can Learn

  • Linguistics methodology: phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics
  • The relationship among languages of the world and social class, race, age, sex, and other social subcategories

About the College

The College of Arts and Humanities provides a diverse student population with the communication skills, humanistic values and cultural awareness that form the foundation of scholarship. The college offers intellectual and artistic programs that engage students and faculty and the community in collaboration, dialog and discovery. These programs help preserve, illuminate and nourish the arts and humanities for the campus and for the wider community.

College Contact Information

College of Arts & Humanities
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Where We Are Located

We are located in the west wing of the Music Building in Room 186.

Department Contact Information

Department of Linguistics

Mail Stop: M/S PB92

Phone: 559.278.2441
Fax: 559.278.7299

The Department of Linguistics is located in Peters Business Building, room 383. See campus map