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With a commitment to the highest standards of teaching, the Mathematics Department serves the University and the community by providing mathematics education to mathematics, science, engineering and liberal studies majors, as well as a general education mathematics courses for all majors.

Because there are so many different areas in which a trained mathematician can find employment or continue studies, the department offers a large number of electives within the mathematics major. By selecting appropriate courses, students have considerable flexibility to accommodate their individual interests.

Electives in applied mathematics prepare students to assume positions in technical industries or government employment, or to continue advanced studies in the applied area.

What You Can Earn

High School Teacher
$56,101 (in our region)

$47,365 (in our region)

Source: HR Reported data from as of June 2012

What You Can Do

Teach, pursue advanced degree in a technical field, or work in finance-related fields.

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • What is Mathematics?
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Calculus for Life Sciences
  • Calculus I

What You Can Learn

  • The use of mathematics in the modern world
  • The language and problems of mathematics, including set theory, symbolic logic, types of proofs, and mathematical induction
  • Techniques of data analysis
  • How calculus can be used to solve problems in science and engineering

About the College

The College of Science and Mathematics provides professional training at the undergraduate and graduate levels to serve as a foundation for a career in science or mathematics, to provide preprofessional training in preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other professions or for continued study at the graduate level.

College Contact Info

The office of the Dean is located in Science II, Room 301.
Telephone: (559) 278-3936

Department Contact Information

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Department of Mathematics
Peters Business Building
Room: 381

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Department of Mathematics
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