High School science teacher in lab

This program is specially designed for students who plan to become high school science teachers. The University Catalog describes this program as follows:

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences serves as a subject matter preparation program for the single subject teaching credential in Science. With the Science Credential, you are able to teach any introductory science class, i.e. earth, general, life, or physical science along with the courses in your chosen emphasis.

For additional information, see the catalog listing under the Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, or Physics or contact the B.A. in Natural Sciences Coordinator.

What You Can Earn

Public School Teacher
$52,085 (in our region)

Source: HR Reported data from as of December 2012

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • General Ecology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • California's Earth System
  • Modern Physics

What You Can Learn

  • Basic ideas of physics and their relationship to the everyday environment. Physical phenomena, misconceptions, terminology, scientific method, and metric system.
  • Properties, relationships, uses origin of minerals; determination of common minerals by physical and other tests.
  • Laboratory study of principles and methods of applied quantitative analysis.
  • Fundamentals of inheritance, including an in-troduction to the underlying molecular mechanisms.

About the College

The College of Science and Mathematics provides professional training at the undergraduate and graduate levels to serve as a foundation for a career in science or mathematics, to provide preprofessional training in preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other professions or for continued study at the graduate level.

College Contact Info

The office of the Dean is located in Science II, Room 301.
Telephone: (559) 278-3936