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Political science is more than just examining government structures and discussing elites currently in office. It is the study of who has the power to make laws for a society, the institutional structures that guide how this power is used, who benefits and who loses when this power is used, and the relationship between and policies in a society. Political science students therefore study voting, elections, the structures of government institutions, and how governments around the world differ and interact.

Many of our graduates have served and do serve in Congress, in the state legislature, as city managers, as urban planners, as city council members, as judges, as mayors, as union leaders, as educators, as non-profit managers, as military officers, and as civic organizers. Numerous leaders in the San Joaquin Valley are our graduates.

What You Can Earn

Public Relations Specialist I
$47,107 (in our region)

Urban Planner
$43,943 (in our region)

Source: Source: HR Reported data from salary.com as of December 2012

What You Can Do

  • Prepare for administrative positions in public agencies
  • Pursue a career in public office or law

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Contemporary Issues in Politics
  • American Foreign Affairs
  • Approaches to Comparative Politics
  • Presidential Politics

What You Can Learn

  • Political parties; nature and extent of citizen political activity; election of public officials; political organization of government
  • Politics of military power; arms limitation and control; peace theory; ecopolitics; regionalism and cooperation; shifts in balance of power; nationalism; imperialism; neutralism and nonalignment; foreign policies of specific nations
  • Freedom and individual rights, democracy, majority rule, equality, law and authority, power, constitutionalism, property, social class and structure, and revolution

About the College

The College of Social Sciences studies the human experience, including the depth of the past and the breadth of the entire planet.

We place emphasis on learning practical skills to aid you in your career. Our students do internships, participate in archaeological digs, or do service-learning projects with a non-profit agency. Students can assist on research projects or organize a social change project.

Whatever a student's major, they enjoy our witty and talented faculty and our caring staff as they discover our social world.

College Contact Information

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Department Contact Information

Department of Political Science
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