Major Areas of Responsibility

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Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez, Interim Associate Vice President

  • Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Academic Senate Personnel Committee, ex officio
  • APM and CBA Compliance
  • Complaint Processes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Confidential Support to Deans/Associate Deans
  • Deputy DHR Administrator
  • EEO Officer – Compliance/Diversity Initiatives (Faculty)
  • Faculty ADA Accommodations (with Human Resources)
  • Faculty Compensation
  • Faculty Evaluation, including RTP
  • Labor Relations (CFS-Unit 3)
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Personnel Consultation (Academic Affairs)
  • Recruitment/Searches
  • Training Workshops
  • Workplace Investigations                

Diane Volpp, Analyst

  • Academic Policy Manual
  • Additional Employment (Foundation & State)
  • Appointments (TT)
  • CGE Contracts and Liaison
  • Compensation (TT)
  • Confidential Support to AVP
  • CSU System CMS/CHRS
  • Department Chairs
  • Emeriti
  • Faculty Evaluation (TT)
  • Faculty Workload
  • Immigration/Visas
  • Information Protection
  • Kuali Ready
  • Labor Relations (Unit 11-UAW)
  • Lean University Team
  • Personnel Action Files
  • Personnel Payroll Transactions (PPT)
  • PRA and other information requests
  • Retirements/FERP
  • Retention, Tenure & Promotion (RTP)
  • Sabbatical Leaves
  • Training Programs

Teresa Moreno-Aguallo, Analyst

  • Appointments (Lecturers)
      *Order of Assignment
      *Student Employment (TA/GA/ISA)
  • CGE Contracts
  • Compensation (Lecturers)
  • Contract Data and Input
  • External Relations
  • Faculty Evaluation (Lecturers)
  • PeopleSoft Data Entry
  • Personnel Payroll Transactions (PPT)
  • Separations
  • Special Projects
  • Student Employment Contracts
  • Summer Employment (State)
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Website Content Management

Administrative Support Assistant II

  • AVP Calendar
  • AVP Scheduling
  • AVP Travel
  • Event Coordination
  • Faculty Affairs Budget
  • New Hire Paperwork
  • Office Supplies
  • Parking
  • Reception
  • Website Content Management

ADA = American Disabilities Association
APM = Academic Policy Manual
AVP = Associate Vice President
CBA = Collective Bargaining Agreement
CFA = California Faculty Association
CGE = Continuing and Global Education
CHRS = Common Human Resource System
CMS = Common Management System
CSU = California State University
DHR = Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation
FERP = Faculty Early Retirement Program
GA = Graduate Assistant
ISA = Instructional Student Assistant
PPT = Personnel Payroll Transactions
PRA = Public Records Act
RTP = Retention, Tenure & Promotion
TA = Teaching Assistant
TT = Tenure Track
UAW = United Auto Workers

Alphabetical Listing of Major Responsibilities

Academic Policies and Procedures - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Academic Policy Manual - Diane Volpp
Academic Senate Personnel Committee, ex officio - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Additional Employment (Foundation) - Diane Volpp
Additional Employment (State) - Diane Volpp
APM Compliance - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Appointments (Lecturers) - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
     *Order of Assignment
     *Student Employment (TA/GA/ISA)
Appointments (TT) - Diane Volpp
AVP Calendar 
AVP Scheduling 
AVP Travel 
CBA Compliance - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
CGE Contracts and Liaison - Diane Volpp
Compensation (Lecturers) - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Compensation (TT) - Diane Volpp
Complaint Processes - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Confidential Support to AVP - Diane Volpp
Confidential Support to Deans/Associate Deans - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Conflict Resolution - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Contract Data and Input - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
CSU System CMS/CHRS - Diane Volpp
Department Chairs - Diane Volpp
Deputy DHR Administrator - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
EEO Officer Compliance/Diversity Initiatives (Faculty) -
     Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Emeriti - Diane Volpp
Event Coordination 
External Relations - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Faculty ADA Accommodations (with Human Resources) -
     Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Faculty Affairs Budget 
Faculty Compensation - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Faculty Evaluation (Lecturers) - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Faculty Evaluation (TT) - Diane Volpp
Faculty Evaluation, including RTP - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Faculty Workload - Diane Volpp
FERP/Retirement - Diane Volpp
Immigration/Visas - Diane Volpp
Information Protection - Diane Volpp
Kuali Ready - Diane Volpp
Labor Relations (CFA-Unit 3) - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Labor Relations (UAW-Unit 11) - Diane Volpp
Lean University Team - Diane Volpp
Leaves (other than Sabbatical) - Diane Volpp
New Faculty Orientation - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
New Hire Packets 
New Hire Paperwork 
Office Supplies 
People Soft Data Entry - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Personnel Action Files - Diane Volpp
Personnel Consultation (Academic Affairs) - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Personnel Payroll Transactions - Diane Volpp & Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
PRA and other information requests - Diane Volpp
Recruitment/Searches - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez & Diane Volpp
Retention, Tenure & Promotion (RTP) - Diane Volpp
Retirements/FERP - Diane Volpp
Sabbatical Leaves - Diane Volpp
Searches/Recruitment - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez & Diane Volpp
Separations - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Special Projects - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Student Employment Contracts - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Training/Workshops - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Training Programs - Diane Volpp
Unemployment Claims - Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Visas/Immigration - Diane Volpp
Website Content Management Teresa Moreno-Aguallo
Workplace Investigations - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez
Workshops/Training - Dr. Rudolph J. Sanchez