There are 3 e-pubs available from the Division of Graduate Studies. They are Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs):

    While there are many rules and regulations tied to earning your master's degree, there are three basic steps you must navigate in a timely manner to help ensure your own success: admission to graduate standing, advancement to candidacy, and awarding of the master's degree. The guidebook will explain these steps and provide other information supplemental to the master's degree experience. A personal copy of this guidebook is mailed to all newly admitted master's degree students each semester.
  • Financial Aid Sourcebook
    This handbook describes various types of financial support available to graduate students at Fresno State. There are a number of assistantships, fellowships, grants, loans, and employment options that are open to qualified students each year. This e-publication also contains links to financial aid resource directories and funding agencies targeting the graduate student.
    The Financial Assistance for the Graduate Student sourcebook is a “must have” for every graduate student’s e-library!
  • The Mentoring Relationship
    This helpful policy statement guides graduate faculty and students as both endeavor to a strong, mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. Individual sections provide useful direction to academic units, mentors, and mentored students, outlining clearly and concisely the responsibilities of each.
    The Mentoring Relationship in Graduate Education is a tremendous resource to graduate faculty and graduate students alike.