Managers by College/Division:

Administration/Academic Affairs:
Grace Liu

Arts and Humanities:
Doug Carey

Craig School of Business:
Doug Carey

Health and Human Services:
Doug Carey

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology:
Grace Liu

Kremen School of Education and Human Development:
Doug Carey

Lyles College of Engineering:
Grace Liu

Social Sciences:
Doug Carey

Science and Mathematics:
Nancy Myers Sims

Student Services:
Daniel Griffin






Thomas McClanahan, Associate Vice President
(559) 278-0840 |

Ellen Shimakawa, Director
(559) 278-0863 |

Daniel Griffin, Grants and Contracts Development Specialist
(559) 278-0839 |
Division of Student Services and the Office of Community and Economic Development

Doug Carey, Grants Administrator
(559) 278-0964 |
College of Social Sciences, College of Arts & Humanities, College of Health and Human Services, Kremen School of Education and Human Development, Craig School of Business, Henry Madden Library and the Richter Center

Grace Liu, Grants Administrator and Intellectual Property Counsel
(559) 278-0857 |
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Lyles College of Engineering, Divisions of Administration and Academic Affairs, Lyles Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Central Valley Higher Education Consortium and Intellectual Property matters

Nancy Myers Sims, Grants and Contracts Development Specialist
(559) 278-0836 |
College of Science & Mathematics

Maral Kismetian, Grants and Research Analyst
(559) 278-0856 |
Central California Research Symposium, CSU-wide Student Research Competition, the Claude C. Laval Jr. Award for Innovative Technology and Research, CSU Awards for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, and BizFlow PIF Administration

Reyna Martinez, Department Secretary
(559) 278-0854 |