Project Information Form (PIF)

Grants Administrators

Training Manual

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is designated by the President and the Provost as the institutional office responsible for all grants and contract activity. All programmatic grants that will be conducted by the University and Auxiliaries are to be reviewed and approved PRIOR to submission by the ORSP.

You should contact your grants administrator as soon as you know that you will be submitting a proposal or will start negotiations for a contract but at minimum 30 days in advance.

The University utilizes a review/approval process streamlined through a Project Information Form (PIF) to ensure that the Department and College/School are aware of and approve of the proposal prepared by the Principal Investigator/Project Director.

This process is initiated and completed through the Biz-Flow online approval system. Your assigned grants administrator in consultation with you will prepare the form on-line and submit it for approval. The PIF form should be submitted for approval at minimum 5 days in advance to ensure all approvals are obtained before a submission.