San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative

Identifying comprehensive solutions for the region's housing challenges.

The San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative (SJVHC) is a regional nonprofit organization formed to specifically address housing issues in the eight-county San Joaquin Valley. SJVHC not only serves as a much needed forum to discuss regional challenges and strategies to address the Valley’s long- and short-term housing goals; it also serves as an invaluable tool for the region to organize as one voice when communicating with state and federal policy makers and regulatory agencies.


SJV Housing Collaborative






7/21/15 Cap-And-Trade Forum

Cap & Trade Workshop

The San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative hosted a full-house cap-and-trade forum in Merced, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs: Funding Opportunities for the San Joaquin Valley. Over 80 participants from across the 8-county region were in attendance, including state and federal representatives. The timely forum took place just weeks after the Strategic Growth Council announced the funded projects through the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program.

Cap & Trade Workshop

The forum featured several speakers and panelists, including representation from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council, Institute for Local Government, Strategic Growth Council, and Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability. Covered topics included affordable housing and sustainable communities, weatherization and renewable energy, energy efficiency, urban forestry, and low carbon transportation. Speakers and panelists highlighted the success of Valley projects and communities that have procured funding from state cap-and-trade programs, and addressed opportunities and areas for improvement. Institute for Local Government hosted a panel that discussed the resources and technical assistance available to help communities apply for funds.

Cap & Trade Workshop

Breakout sessions allowed for participants to hear from successful and unsuccessful applicants about the process, limitations, and best practices from their experiences. Notes from group report backs will be written up into a letter addressed to the Strategic Growth Council on behalf of the San Joaquin Valley.

The event was made possible with support from the California Coalition for Rural Housing, OCED, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and the Institute for Local Government.