Guide to Student Outcomes Assessment

Programmatic Purposes
Assessment Activity Planning
Implementing the Program SOAP: Closing the Loop


III. Implementing the Program SOAP: Closing the Loop

As a part of your SOAP, describe what program assessment activities were scheduled for this year, what activities were conducted, and, if changes were made to the schedule, what factors affected the changes in plans. What results were found? What recommendations were made as a result of considering the assessment data? What changes occurred in the delivery of the program as a result of those findings and recommendations? Explicit discussion should be captured in the annual update to your SOAP that details these processes annually.

Describe the process(es) in place to ensure that assessment data are used for program improvement. Do the program faculty meet to consider assessment results and program planning? Does a curriculum committee meet to discuss and recommend program changes based on assessment outcomes? Is a task force established to complete particular assessment-related activities? Be sure to review the Policy on the Procedures and Guidelines for the Periodic Review of Academic Programs, APM 220. The policy establishes the procedures, timelines, and reporting outlines required for the conduct of routine program review.