SOAPs (Student Outcomes Assessment Plan)

Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (SOAP) Template  

This MS Word template can be used as a guide to completing the SOAP and to assure that all components are included. Information can be entered directly into the MS Word document then it can be saved to your hard drive. If you need assistance please email Marie Fernandez in OIE or call ext. 8-3906.

Fresno State Program SOAPs

All Fresno State program SOAPs are available here.

Sample SOAP Components

Faculty members have asked what elements a SOAP should contain and what are some good examples. This model SOAP is a compilation of components drawn from various Fresno State program SOAPs to answer those questions.

 Documenting Use of Results (Closing the Loop)

Faculty discussion and use of learning assessment findings is what makes doing assessment worthwhile. Documenting these results need not be extensive of time-consuming - yet is not only required but valuable for program review & accreditation and can be used for multiple purposes in addition to improving teaching, learning and the curriculum.  

Adobe Pdf IconCommunicative Disorders and Deaf Studies
(Fran Pomaville, Assessment Coordinator, April 2011)

Adobe Pdf IconPlant Science
(Andrew Lawson, Department Chair, June 2011) 

SOAP Policy

The SOAP Policy was approved by the Academic Senate in March 2000.

Program Review Policy (updated 2006)

Assessment of learning outcomes is an increasingly important part of Program Review. A SOAP that is being implemented and evidence that its findings are being used for improvement of curricula, instruction or program improvement is required. Click here to view Program Review Policy.