About Us

The Academic Senate is a body composed of faculty members acting for the faculty of the University.  It is empowered to formulate, review, revise, and adopt for recommendation to the President all University policies which relate to the educational mission of the institution, including matters directly affecting the instructional budget. The faculty has the primary responsibility for such fundamental areas as curriculum, subject matter and methods of instruction, research and creative/scholarly activity, faculty status, and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.   

Joint decision-making and consultation between administration and faculty is based on collegiality, mutual respect and trust of all parties. Collegiality consists of a shared decision-making process and set of values which regard the members of the various university constituencies as essential for the success of the academic enterprise.  Under the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, the President has final responsibility and authority for the University.

Adapted from the Constitution of the Academic Senate, California State University, Fresno