Senate Members

*Member of the Executive Committee

*AYOTTE, Kevin (CHAIR)  - (Communication)

*HOLYOKE, Thomas (Vice Chair) - (Political Science)

AKHAVAN, Nancy  - (Educational Research & Administration ,ERA)

ALEXANDROU, Alex - (Industrial Technology)

BASURTO, Imelda  - (Literacy & Early Education)

*BENAVIDES, Otto  - (Statewide)

BOTWIN, Michael  - (Psychology)

BRYANT, Lisa - (Universitywide)

BUCKNER, Boyce - (Military Science)

CHEN, Qiao-Hong - (Chemistry)

CORNELIO, Larry P. Cpt. - ( Aerospace)

DAVIS, Lizhu - (Child, Family & Consumer Sciences)

DELICH, Nancy - (Social Work Education) 

DER MUGRDECHIAN, Barlow  - (Armenian Studies)

DURETTE, Paula - (Art & Design)

FORGACS, Tamas - (Mathematics)

FULOP, Sean  - (Linguistics)

GARCIA, Peter - (Nursing)

GIGLIO, Jessica - (Athletics)

GILEWICZ, Magdalena - (English)

GOLDEN, Melissa - (Universitywide)

HAO, Lizhong - (Accountancy)

HENSON, Chris  - (English)

HO, Pei-Chun - (Physics)

*JENKINS, Michael G.  - (Mechanical Engineering)

KARR, John - (Music)

*KENSINGER, Loretta - (Women Studies)

KIM, Gil - (Economics)

LANGER, Chris - (Library)

LANKFORD, Sam - (Recreation Administration)

MALDONADO, Robert - (Philosophy)

MARSHALL, Hollianne -(Criminology)

MCKEITH, Amanda - (Animal Science)

MIELE, Jennifer - (Finance and Business Law)

MÜLLER, Ulrike - (Biology)

MULLOOLY, James - (Anthropology)

ONG, Beng - (Marketing and Logistics)

PEREZ, Carlos - (Chicano and Latin American Studies)

PRIMESunantha -(Information Systems and Decision Sciences)

RAHEEM, Malik - (Counselor Education and Rehabilitation)

*RAM, Melanie - (Universitywide)

*RAYA-FERNANDEZ, Rebecca  - (Student Services Prof -AR)

RYAN, Tim - (ASI President)

SANMARTIN, Paula - (Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

SCHETTLER, Meta  - (Africana & American Indian Studies)

SCHLIEVERT, Susan  - (Statewide)

SHINN, Sara - (Food Science and Nutrition)

SINGH, Bhupinder - (Physical Therapy)

SKUBAN, William - (History)

SMITH-WARSHAW, Janice - (Communicative Disorders & Deaf Studies)

SULLIVAN, Christopher - (Sociology)

TAWFIK, Aly - (Civil & Geomatics Engineering)

THATCHER, Gregory - (Public Health)

WAKABAYASHi, John - (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

WALDMAN, Elizabeth - (Theater Arts)

WANG, Chih-Hao - (Geography and City and Regional Planning) 

WENGER, Jacob - (Plant Science)

WILLIAMS, Lynn - (Agribusiness)

WILSON, Todd - (Computer Science)

WU, Wei - (Construction Management)


Non-voting Ex-Officio Members

*CASTRO, Joseph (President)

*ZELEZNY, Lynnette (Provost)

MALDONADO, Robert (Budget Committee Chair)

AUSTIN, (Darnell) Don (Nominating/Elections Committee) 

KOTKIN-JASZI, Suzanne (Committee for Faculty Equity and Diversity) (CFED)

BIONDO, Vincent (General Education)

JACKSON, Marianne (Student Affairs Committee)

DEJEAN, Laurent (Research Awards Review Committee)

LAMAS, Frank (Student Affairs Dean)

TSUKIMURA, Brian (Personnel Committee Chair)

SKEEN, Timothy (Graduate Committee)

 * Members of the Executive Committee



Athletics Department (1 Senator)


Curriculum and Instruction

Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Viticulture and Enology Department


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