Senate Members

*Member of the Executive Committee

*AYOTTE, Kevin (CHAIR)  - Communication

*HOLYOKE, Thomas (Vice Chair) - Political Science

AKHAVAN, Nancy  - Educational Research & Administration (ERA)

ALEXANDROU, Alex - Plant Science

BASURTO, Imelda  - Literacy & Early Education

BENAVIDES, Otto  - Statewide

BOTWIN, Michael  - Psychology

CHAPMAN, Honora  - Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

CRASK, Lloyd  - Construction Management Program

CRUME, Peter - Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies

DANGI, Mohan - Geography

DAVIS, Lizhu - Child, Family and Consumer Sciences

Der MUGRDECHIAN, Barlow  - Armenian Studies

EGAN, Candace  - Mass Communication & Journalism

FORGACS, Tamas - Mathematics

FULOP, Sean  - Linguistics

GIANNETTA, Terea - Nursing

GILEWICZ, Magdalena - English

HALL, Ray  - Physics

HAO, Lizhong - Accountancy

HENSON, Chris  - English

HERZIG, Lisa - Food Science & Nutrition

*JENKINS, Michael G.  - Mechanical Engineering

JONES, Andrew - Sociology

KARR, John  - Music

KATTI, Madhusudan - University-Wide

*KENSINGER, Loretta  - State-Wide

KRIEHN, Gregory  - Electrical & Computer Engineering

KUBO, Hiromi  - Library

KWON, Jaymin - Public Health

LAM, Sarah  - Counseling & Special Education Rehabilitation

LEE, Kevin - Finance and Business Law

LEWIS, Dawn  - Kinesiology

MAITRA, Santanu  - Chemistry

MALDONADO, Robert - Philosophy

MENCHACA,  Moses - ASI President

MEYER, Laura  - Art & Design

MYERS, Brad - Theatre Arts

MILTIADES, Helen - Social Work Education

MULLER, Ulrike - Biology

NAMBIAR, Arun  - Industrial Technology

PARK, Jin  - Computer Science

PARTIN, Todd, Maj. - Aerospace

PASHA, Fayzul - Civil and Geomatics Engineering

PAUSEWANG, Jessica - Athletics 

PETERSON, Janice - Economics

RAM, Melanie - University-Wide

*RAYA-FERNANDEZ, Rebecca  - Student Services Prof -AR

RIOS, Lorenzo  - Military Science

SCHETTLER, Meta  - Africana & American Indian Studies

SCHLIEVERT, Susan  - Curriculum & Instruction

SKUBAN, William - History

SLAGTER, Janet - Women's Studies

TAYLOR, James  - Information System Decision Sciences

THOMPSON, Marcia - Physical Therapy

THORNTON, Roy - Viticulture and Enology

TORRES, Victor - Chicano and Latin American Studies

WAKABAYASHI, John  - Earth & Environmental Sciences

WANG, Jia  - Management

WHITING, Jason - Recreation Administration

WILLIAMS, Lynn - Agricultural Economics


Non-voting Ex-Officio Members

*CASTRO, Joseph (President)

*ZELEZNY, Lynnette (Provost)

COON, Carolyn (Student Affairs Dean)

MALDONADO, Robert (Budget Committee Chair)

TSUKIMURA, Brian (Personnel Committee Chair)

WILSON, Marilyn (Graduate Committee Chair)

 * Members of the Executive Committee

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