Program Components

Course/Pedagogy Redesign


This component is faculty-driven and will focus on modifying pedagogy and content delivery to improve Hispanic student success, university academic quality, management, and fiscal stability. Course redesign efforts will build on university strengths and use models that have been proven effective in national and university research. Faculty will be have the opportunity to be trained in several models of course redesign, all of which integrate, active learning, student-centered learning, student support, or increase community-based learning opportunities.  Specifically, models from the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT), Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), and ETS Criterion will be used.

Strengthening Efforts to Make Hispanic Students Success: A Fresno State and Community Priority

commencementThis component aims to develop and strengthen Student Affairs partnerships and other related offices to extend an array of student services and make more explicit links between academics and student services on campus.  This component will also develop stronger partnerships between the university and the community it serves. Hispanic students will be actively encouraged to renew and deepen their commitment to academics by engaging in a variety of proven out of classroom activities such as community-based service learning and community-based research in the Central Valley.

At the completion of the HSI – Title V grant, we hope that best practices from our efforts will be institutionalized to improve the academic achievement and success for all students at California State University, Fresno.