Title V - HSI Program

 Staff with President Castro

The Title V – Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) grant has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you for all your support in making the five-year grant successful at Fresno State.


Academic and Student Success Grant Initiatives

Goal: To increase Latina/o students’ 6-year graduation rates (baseline: 45.9% as of fall 2004 cohort) was achieved (56.6% as of fall 2009 cohort)

Timeline: October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2015

  1. Academics
    • Course Redesign (Teaching Innovations Summer Academy) - Title V staff assisted faculty in the redesign of 62 courses, impacting over 21,000 students.
    • Faculty Learning Communities – Title V staff supported 55 faculty teaching more than 35 courses to learn and develop student engagement and active learning pedagogies.
    • Service-Learning – Title V supported the development of 14 new service-learning courses.
  2. Student Success
    • Counseling and Student Development Activities – Staff provided counseling and advising to 4,093 students and engaged with 1,480 students with various social events, workshops, and faculty/staff mixers over the five year grant period.
    • Supplement Instruction and SupportNet (Early Warning) - The Title V program partnered with the Learning Center to deliver early support counseling services to 2,785 at-risk students.
    • Career Development Course - Counselors implemented a Connect to Careers (University 20T) course for 152 students.
    • Financial Wellness Program - The Title V program served a total of 100 students in a financial literacy program designed to assist students in strategies for increasing their financial savings.
    • Strong Interest Inventory/ACT WorkKeys and Career Counseling - The Title V program delivered career assessments linked with academic major services to 524 students.
    • Student Lingo - The Title V program subscribed to Student Lingo, an on-demand video service designed to support success, personal and professional development and academic success. A total of 3,027 video workshops were viewed and completed by 1,440 students, faculty or staff.
    • Read and Write Gold - The Title V program partnered subscribed to a learning tool for use throughout the campus community. Eight trainings were convened in order to teach faculty and staff on how to effectively use the tool (123 participants). The tool has been downloaded and used by more than 369 students since implementation in 2014.
    • General Education Textbooks - The Title V program partnered with the campus Library to offer students the ability to check out GE textbooks. Students were able to check out textbooks a total of 1,058 times throughout the five year grant period.

Contact Information

For more information about grant initiatives that continue to be offered, please contact the following departments:

  1. Course Redesign and Faculty Learning Communities:
    • Teaching Innovations for Learning & Technology (TILT) – 559.278.6892
    • Center for the Scholarly Advancement for Learning & Teaching (CSALT) – 559.278.2819
  2. Service-Learning
    • Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning – 559.278.8848
  3. Counseling and Student Development Activities
    • University Advising Center – 559.278.1787
  4. Supplement Instruction and SupportNet
    • Learning Center – 559.278.3052
    • SupportNet – 559.278.8370
  5. Career Development
    • Career Development Center – 559.278.2381
  6. Institutional Research
    • Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) – 559.278.3906