Student Organization

As students learn to navigate campus, they also begin to interact with new people who have different backgrounds, beliefs, and values. In addition, students find themselves inundated with a vast array of clubs, organizations, and activities in which to engage. For many students, finding the balance between academic success and engagement can be an exciting but challenging prospect.  CLASE formed a recognized student organization that has the right balance of academic, social activities, and campus/community engagement for students.


 The purpose of the Commitment to Latina/o Academic Success & Excellence Club is to equip students with academic, professional and career skills and resources to graduate and succeed. To expand professional development, to share educational and employment opportunities amongst members, and to promote pride in the Latino/Hispanic culture and our campus.


The CLASE CLUB  would like to foster a fun and educational program for its members to be a part of. Additionally, the CLASE CLUB would like to expose all of its members to professional conferences where they will have the opportunity to find internships and possibly even employment. Overall, the intent of the club is to create an atmosphere in college where lifelong friendships are made.