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The WAC Clearinghouse
Simply the best to find journals, books, bibliographies, news, information, and many other resources related to writing across the curriculum.

Common Errors in English Usage
A very popular and long-standing site by Paul Brians, Emeritus Professor Students on campusof English at Washington State University, that is now in its second edition as a book. The site offers an extensive list of common usage errors, with brief commentary on each.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
A comprehensive site that offers both teachers and students writing resources, from grammar exercises and lessons, to scholarly articles and references, to style guides, to lessons for teachers to use in classrooms.

A College Student's Guide to Citation Styles
A nice site that explains and offers examples of various writing/documentation styles by discipline.

Academic Integrity
This Fresno State Web site offers presentations and slideshows on plagiarism, as well as a workshop schedule for the year. It is run by Dr. Ida M. Jones (Craig School of Business) and Judith Scott (Communication).

Plagiarism 101
A blog by Nick Carbone with lots of resources and articles on plagiarism. Nick Carbone has provided many workshops on how to help students avoid plagiarism. 

Internet Resources on Citing: The Trademark of a Good Writer
This site offers many resources on citing sources and creating bibliographies. 

San Francisco State University WAC site
A nice CSU site that offers other teaching strategies and resources, as well as rubrics and links to other WAC related web sites.

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