Manage Your Account

Add Money Online

Log into your My Fresno State account and select the Blackboard link under "My Menu." Or, click on this link and log into Blackboard (using your campus email account and password), and then click on the "Bulldog Card" tab located in the upper right-corner of the browser window.

Picture of Blackboard screen with Bulldog Card link




Click on the "+Add Money" link and follow onscreen instructions to Make a Deposit using a debit or credit card.  The minimum amount you can add is $20.

Bulldog Card in Blackboard screen shot






Freeze a Card

In the event your card is lost or stolen log into Blackboard and protect your from being used.Click on Card Services and follow onscreen instructions to deactivate your card.  Then, at your convenience come to the Bulldog Card Office to get a new card.