Pay for Print

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A Pay for Print Service Team member providing paper refill and in-field customer service.Save time and money. Print anywhere on or off campus, using your Bulldog Card or Bulldog Bucks card. 

  • Use the campus wireless network from your personal computer
  • Send print jobs from any computer on campus 
  • Use your personal computer from home, then visit any printer, swipe your card, and collect your print job!

Getting Started - Download a print driver

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Where are printers located?

Printers are located in instructional computer labs (labs assigned to courses), open computer labs (labs open on a walk-up basis) and the Madden Library. Click here for a Pay for Print campus map.

How much does it cost?


Black & White







Letter size $0.12 $0.09 $0.55 $0.50
Legal $0.15 $0.13 $0.65 $0.60
Tabloid $0.20 $0.18 $1.10 $1.00
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