Chart of Accounts consist of six chart fields that when combined define specific transactions. Chartfields are required to define the appropriate funding source and are used in procurement, budgeting, month end reporting and labor cost distribution at Fresno State.

Quick Reference Table

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Account Download Download 09/24/2013
Fund Download Download 09/24/2013
Department Download Download 09/24/2013
Class Download Download
Program Download Download 09/24/2013 
Project Download Download 09/24/2013
Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s Download Download 08/06/2010


Cross Reference Old and New Account Numbers

Download the PDF or Excel file for "Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s" shown in the above table. The file contains a complete listing of all active account numbers.

New Chartfield Additions

Contact Lora Kutka,, 278-4343, Accounting Services for the establishment of new Chartfields Fund; Account, Class, or Fund.

Chartfield's Six Fields Explained

Account: The Account Chartfield identifies the type of activity and is always required.

Fund: The Fund Chartfield is a 5 digit – alphanumeric value which identifies the source of funding. It is a required field on all transactions.

Department: This 6-Digit value is required on all transactions to identify the campus department responsible for the transaction.

Class: The Class Chartfield allows a department to track specific activity

Program: The Program Chartfield is used to identify the transactions of university wide programs.

Project: The Project Chartfield assists in tracking charges to university projects which are defined as having a specific beginning and ending date.