Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is vested with technical accounting functions including GAAP audit coordination and statement preparation, Unrelated Business Income Tax and Non-Resident Alien Income Tax issues. Other multitude of responsibilities include maintenance of the General Ledger and preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end financial reports, and various reconciliations. Financial Reporting also maintains the chart of accounts, and cash accountability for investment of funds and assists with and responds to external and internal audits for both legal and GAAP based accounting and audit requirements.

For a more detailed list of responsibilities, please see the Responsibility Chart.

Lora Kutka, CPA Associate Controller
(559) 278-4343
Ayesha Khan Accountant
(559) 278-2778
Janice Loo, CPA Senior Financial Analyst
(559) 278-6921
Cynthia Oliphant Accounting Technician
(559) 278-5481
P.J. Soligian Accountant
(559) 278-8133
Shirley Staton Accounting Technician
(559) 278-6143
Linda Vivian Accounting Technician
(559) 278-7882
Vicky Vongdara Accounting Technician
(559) 278-7985
Cherie Weber, CPA Accountant
(559) 278-4144