Do any of these questions sound familiar:

  • "I have a room full of computers that no one uses. What can I do about it?"
  • "We have a broken fax machine. How can I get rid of it?"
  • "Our department has an extra copy machine that is taking up half of the office. We don't want it anymore. What should we do with it? It still works."

Then you have come to the right place.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability (EHS RMS) in conjunction with Warehouse and Property Services would like to help you get rid of your broken or surplus equipment. The following steps should be taken when you have equipment that you want removed:

  1. Decide what type of equipment it is.
    • Rule of thumb: If it plugs into the wall, takes batteries, or uses some other alternate source of electricity, such as solar panels, and you no longer have a use for it, then it is most likely E-waste.
    • Since only the Campus Property Control Designee may lawfully designate state equipment as waste, these are considered surplus items until the designee has had a chance to evaluate these items.
  2. If your items meet the above definition of surplus electronic equipment, contact your internal department technical support person or property control designee.
    • This person should review each item on an individual basis and evaluate the items that you wish to have removed from your area to ensure your department has no further need of them.
    • The "REQUEST FOR PROPERTY SURVEY" forms found on informed filler must be filled out for each unit, our group of units if multiple small inexpensive incidental items, and signed by the dean/department head.
  3. Submit the completed request to Warehouse and Property Services M/S UW 127 or by email. A signed copy will be required at time of pickup if emailed.

It is our goal to remove surplus materials from your area one week after the paperwork is received by Property and Warehouse.

E-Waste should never be disposed of in the garbage!

Please help protect the environment from lead and other heavy metals. By placing electronic equipment in the trash, contaminants ultimately end up in our water supply. EHS RMS does not charge individual departments for the disposal of this waste. The improper disposal of electronic wastes can result in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency. Your department will be responsible for these fines! Don't hold on to equipment that is no longer usable.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact our office.