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Off Campus (Household Generated)

Please do not bring household generated batteries to campus!  Your dead batteries cost the campus money, but may be free for you to dispose of through special programs available to you the generator.

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California Rechargeable Recycling Statistics

Campus Only

Current campus procedure for the collection of "Universal Waste - Batteries" is to:

  • Collect non-leaking batteries in a sound container (such as a milk carton or peanut butter jar) with a re-sealable lid.
  • Label the container with the image below (click to print) or request a label from EHS RMS and one will be provided at no cost.
  • Attach the label to the container
  • Complete the date field (date first battery is placed in container) and generator. Place a check mark in the box labeled "Battery(ies)".
  • Accumulate batteries at point of generation for no longer than nine months.
  • Contact EHS RMS for any containers that have a start date approaching nine months from accumulation start by filling out a hazardous waste removal request online here:

Universal Waste Label - Print or Request From DRMS

For larger batteries, such as automotive or SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries contact EHS RMS as soon as these units are no longer useful.

Leaking or deteriorating batteries shall be reported to EHS RMS immediately to prevent hazards or exposure.