Chemical Hazardous Wastes


Ultimately the generators responsibility - The Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability (EHS RMS) would like to help you comply with this mountain of requirements with as little disruption of your busy schedule as possible. Feel free to call our office at any time for help identifying your wastes, or if you prefer to become familiar with the hazardous waste determination process feel free to browse the identification resources to the right.

Labeling and Storage

Current IIPP hazardous waste guidelines requires the individual persons working with hazardous materials be responsible for the waste they generate and ensure, with technical support from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability (EHS RMS), that these requirements are met. EHS RMS requires that labs all post a copy of the Guidelines for Laboratory Hazardous Waste Accumulation.

Storage of incompatible wastes not separated by a wall, dike or berm is strictly prohibited by State and Federal regulation. For a list of incompatible hazardous wastes please refer to the EPA's Chemical Compatibility Chart, or contact EHS RMS for evaluation.

To obtain labels contact EHS RMS by phone, or to create your own to print and tape to your containers try our label maker (Microsoft Access Required).

Hazardous Waste Training

To help ease the burden being placed on you to know these requirements the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability (EHS RMS) has purchased two 20 minute training videos. The focus of the "Generator Guidelines" video are a mixture of the topics mentioned above. The second video focuses on waste minimization and emergency preparedness. Both these videos, located to the right in the training resources section on this page, are geared towards laboratory type operations and are full of great information.


Log into skillport and search for "FR- Hazardous Waste - California and Site Specifics"


To document the training you should:

  • Print out the test form 1 and test form 2
  • Have the trainee complete the corresponding portion(s)
  • Submit completed forms to EHS RMS.