Standard Operating Procedures

Individual departments are responsible for augmenting the campus-wide IIPP in order to address department-specific hazards, and for developing and maintaining appropriate policies, and standard operating procedures for managing the safety of all department operations.

Job Hazard Assessments

One key tool in the development of standard operating procedures is a Job Hazard Assessment. A job hazard assessment, or JHA, can be simple or complex and should be scaled to fit the process or procedure. A copy of a sample job hazard assessment tool used in shop safety evaluations can be found in the resources section to the right under the "Resources" heading. Once a job hazard assessment has been conducted and the most suitable adjustments have been made to the current process to improve safety if a need is identified a new JHA is conducted. Once all feasible controls have been put into practice this JHA actually becomes a template for your step by step SOP.

For one on one help with either the creation of an SOP, or conducting a JHA please contact EHS for guidance or assistance. If you prefer to become proficient yourself and creating either SOPs or JHAs skillport has some fairly comprehensive training resources available to you.

Worksite Inspections

The responsibility of each department is to ensure that regular and systematic workplace inspections be scheduled for all departmental areas.  It is recommended that departmental safety coordinators be assigned to conduct these inspections. The frequency of regular workplace inspections is left up to the departments' discretion.  EH&S recommends that high hazard areas be inspected weekly, warehouse and retail areas be inspected monthly, large offices be inspected semiannually, and small offices be inspected annually.  It is the responsibility of each department to notify EH&S when inspections are conducted.  Records of inspections shall be maintained in the department office for review by EH&S. Self-inspection checklists are provided in generic form to assist departments in developing their own checklist in see Appendix B of the campus IIPP and also provided to you under the "Worksite Inspection Resources" section on the left hand side of this page.