I've heard you moved again! Where are you now?

Our central area of operation is located in the Lockshop at Plant Operations. However, the key issuing is located at the University Student Union (USU) Information Center. During summer hours key issuing moves upstairs in the USU to the Reservation Desk. This enables the campus community to pick up keys at their leisure without having to worry about lockshop personnel being out in the field. It is also a more centralized location. However, all key requests must still be sent to Plant Operations c/o Key Control mail stop: PO 88.

I have a question or a problem with the key I was issued. Should I ask USU staff about it?

No. USU staff only distributes the keys. They do not make the keys or process the requests. The Key Control operation is still in the Lockshop, so please have your administrative assistant or director contact Key Control at 559.278.2172 with any issues, concerns or questions.

My keycard doesn't work in my door. Should I take it to the Bulldog Card office at Joyal Building room 156?

No. Call Key Control at 559.278.2172 and Key Control staff will research your access problem and determine whether or not it is a program malfunction. If everything is working on the Key Control side, then you will be directed to the Bulldog Card office to have your card swiped and checked for demagnetization.

I need some rooms rekeyed. What do I do?

  1. This is a two part process. You need to fill out a customer service request through Plant Operations.
  2. You must also send Key Control a key request form with the words REKEY written at the top corner of the form. The first part is for the rekey itself, which is a locksmith duty, and the second to have the new keys issued to you or your staff.
  3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you contact the locksmith at 559.278.2373 to discuss the rekey.

I need a lock maintenance completed. Do I call Key Control now?

No. Key Control is in the Lockshop. Please call Plant Operations Work Center at 559.278.2373 to address maintenance questions and concerns. All maintenance and repair jobs require a customer service request

I'm filling out a memo and a key request form. Do I direct it to Risk Management?

No. Key Control's management is now the Plant Operations/ Facilities Management. Please direct the memo to Gary Wilson or Robert Boyd.

I have a key, and I'd like to know what it opens. Can I call and ask?

Unfortunately, no. Key Control staff has no way to verify that you are authorized to have the key in hand. Key Control staff can email you that information, or you can schedule a time with the lockshop when you can come in with a photo ID and verify which areas your keys access.