Key Issuing

Requesting the Key

In order to obtain university keys, a key request must be processed and approved by authorized personnel. The key request form is located on inform filler or can be accessed by clicking here. An individual cannot sign the key request for his or her own key, even if he or she is a dean, a chair, a director or a manager. It must always be signed by an individual in a higher position than the individual requesting the key. Please see the second page of the key request form for directions.

For submasters, masters and any key requested for a student, a justification memo must be attached to the key request and signed by the same individual who approved the key request.

Sending the Key Request

Please mail the original key request to PO 88, or hand-carry the form to Plant Operations located on East Barstow just east of University Police.

Notification Process

There is an email line on the key request form. This is the contact Key Control will email when the key has been made and is waiting for pick-up. If there is no email listed, the extension or phone number listed on the key request will be called. (Email is recommended means of communication.)

Key Pick-Up

Keys are issued at the University Student Union Information Center. This is located on the main floor.

Note: When the campus is on break or the semester ends, key issuing will be located in the Reservation Center on the third floor of the University Student Union, not on the first floor Information Center.

Key Return

For individuals wishing to return campus keys, this action can be completed at the University Student Union unless a separation form is required. Key Control staff must sign the separation form upon return of all state keys. University Student Union staff do not have authorization to sign this form. For separation form signature, please call 559.278.2172 or email to make an appointment at the campus lockshop.

Lost Keys

All staff, faculty or students who misplace keys must provide a written memo explaining the circumstances. A dean, chair, director or department head must sign this memo. This is to confirm that authorized personnel are aware of the missing keys. In the event that the keys must be replaced, the lost key memo must be attached to the key request form.