Locknetics/ Universal Keyless Entry


These are stand-alone silver or brass locks with a pin-pad. These locks require manual maintenance by Key Control staff. If an individual has access to this lock and he or she loses his or her campus ID card, Key Control must be notified immediately. This requires the lock to be re-programmed.

Locknetics include the thicker black locks (with pin-pad only) that are on classrooms, labs and offices around campus.

If the red light on the Locknetics lock blinks nine times, please fill out a service request with Plant Operations so that the batteries can be replaced.


These locks are slender black card swipes with no pin-pad. These card swipes are online, meaning that Key Control can control and unlock them from a central computer. If an individual has access to a Universal door and he or she loses his or her campus ID card, it will change automatically. Key Control does not have to be notified.

Requesting Keyless Entry

A key request form must be completed, just as it would be for a metal key. If time-zones, pin numbers and expiration dates must be specified, it is strongly recommended that a "locknetics" keyless entry form be filled out and attached to the Key Request form as well. All forms can be accessed at http://www.fresnostate/adminserv/facilitiesmanagment/keycontrol/forms.html.