Employees who are eligible for medical/dental insurance and have other non-CSU coverage can elect to waive CSU coverage in exchange for a monthly cash payment:

  • Medical and dental: $140
  • Medical only: $128
  • Dental only: $12

Employee FlexCash Basics

  • Must certify that they have alternative non-CSU medical and/or non-CSU or state sponsored dental coverage.
  • Provide proof of other non-CSU coverage.
  • Not eligible to participate if covered as the dependent of another CSU employee.
  • FlexCash payment is treated as taxable income and is subject to payroll taxes.
  • Eligible employees have 60 calendar days commencing with their appointment date to enroll in the FlexCash plan.

For detailed information, refer to the CSU FlexCash pamphlet from the Human Resources Office.