Initiate a Medical Leave of Absence

Faculty/Staff/Administrator: If you will need to take a medical leave that may exceed five (5) working days for yourself or to care for an eligible family member, please contact Human Resources to schedule an appointment with your assigned HR Analyst/Leave Coordinator. The HR Analyst/Leave Coordinator will discuss with you the usage of leave credits, required documents and the coordination of medical leave programs for which you may be eligible for.

Appropriate Administrator: If your employee (faculty, staff & administrators) has been off work due to illness for more than 5 consecutive work days, please begin the medical leave process below (name of employee, dates of absence, phone number of employee). The medical leave information you provide will be used by the leave coordinator to initiate a discussion with the employee. The leave coordinator will contact the employee and mail him/her the necessary paperwork. The leave coordinator will keep you informed of the status of the medical leave.

Begin the Medical Leave Process:

Please choose A or B:

A. Please contact Human Resources at (559) 278-2032 to schedule an appointment with the assigned leave coordinator. You can locate the assigned leave coordinator for your Department from the list below.

At the scheduled appointment the Medical Leave Application form will be provided and discussed. The Faculty, Staff or Administrators should bring a medical note to the appointment, if absence is due to illness/surgery/treatment/procedure for them.


B.An e-mail can be sent to the assigned leave coordinator by clicking on the name of the leave coordinator below. You will then be prompted to provide the following information (name of person on leave or requesting leave, department, ID#, e-mail, tentative dates of medical leave). Human Resources will then contact you within two (2) business days to schedule an appointment with the assigned Leave Coordinator.

If the Administrator submitted this e-mail, the assigned Leave Coordinator will make contact with the Faculty, Staff or Administrators on leave based on the information provided.

After you submit the e-mail, you will receive a confirmation notice with the Medical Leave Application form. Please follow the instructions on the notification and bring the Medical Leave Application form to the appointment. The Faculty, Staff or Administrators should bring a medical note to the appointment, if absence is due to illness/surgery/treatment/procedure for them.

Contact with assigned leave coordinator to request an appointment

Leave Coordinator Assignment
Juanita Aguilar
Benefits Manager
(559) 278-5336
All Unit 3 employees
(Faculty/PT Faculty/Librarians)
Teresa Chavez
HR Analyst
(559) 278-5012
Staff and MPP
Please find the assigned Department from the list below
Donna Freeman
HR Analyst
(559) 278-7905
Staff and MPP
Please find the assigned Department from the list below

Department Analyst assigned leave coordinator
Academic Personnel Teresa Chavez
Academic Resources Teresa Chavez
Academic Senate Teresa Chavez
Accountancy Donna Freeman
Accounting Services Teresa Chavez
Admissions, Records and Evaluations Teresa Chavez
Advancement Services Teresa Chavez
Advising Services/Dog Days Summer Orientation Teresa Chavez
Aerospace Studies/Air Force ROTC Donna Freeman
Africana and American Indian Studies Program Donna Freeman
Agricultural Economics Donna Freeman
Agricultural Operations Donna Freeman
Alumni Relations Teresa Chavez
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Donna Freeman
Anthropology Donna Freeman
Armenian Studies Teresa Chavez
Art and Design Teresa Chavez
Athletics Donna Freeman
Athletics Donna Freeman
Biology Donna Freeman
Building Maintenance Services Donna Freeman
Business Graduate Program Donna Freeman
California Agricultural Technology Institute Donna Freeman
California Water Institute Teresa Chavez
CalState Teach Teresa Chavez
Campus Information Systems Teresa Chavez
Career Services Donna Freeman
CATI Administration Donna Freeman
Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Teresa Chavez
Chemistry Donna Freeman
Chicano and Latin American Studies Donna Freeman
Child, Family and Consumer Sciences Donna Freeman
Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Teresa Chavez
Civil and Geomatics Engineering Donna Freeman
College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Donna Freeman
College of Arts and Humanites Teresa Chavez
College of Health and Human Services Teresa Chavez
College of Science and Mathematics Donna Freeman
College of Social Sciences Donna Freeman
College of the Sequoias Teresa Chavez
Communication Teresa Chavez
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies Teresa Chavez
Computer Science Donna Freeman
Continuing and Global Education Donna Freeman
Counseling, Special Education, Rehabilitation Teresa Chavez
Craig School of Business Donna Freeman
Criminology Donna Freeman
Criminology Jt. Doctoral Prog Donna Freeman
CSU Summer Arts Teresa Chavez
CSU-Ag Research Initiative Donna Freeman
Curriculum and Instruction Teresa Chavez
Custodial Services Donna Freeman
Deferred Maintenance and Repairs Donna Freeman
Development Teresa Chavez
Development and Scholarship Programs Teresa Chavez
Digital Campus Teresa Chavez
Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Teresa Chavez
Early Assessment Program Teresa Chavez
Early Warning/ Intensive Learning Experience Teresa Chavez
Earth and Environmental Sciences Donna Freeman
Economics Donna Freeman
Educational Opportunity Program & Retention Teresa Chavez
Educational Research Administration Teresa Chavez
Electrical and Computer Engineering Donna Freeman
English Teresa Chavez
Environmental Health and Safety Donna Freeman
Executive Director of Auxiliary Services Donna Freeman
Facilities Planning Donna Freeman
Finance and Business Law Donna Freeman
Financial Aid Teresa Chavez
Financial Management Teresa Chavez
Food Science and Nutrition Donna Freeman
Geography Donna Freeman
Graduate Studies Teresa Chavez
Grounds Maintenance Services Donna Freeman
History Donna Freeman
Human Resources Donna Freeman
Industrial Technology Donna Freeman
Information Systems and Decision Sciences Donna Freeman
Information Technology Services Donna Freeman
Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning Teresa Chavez
International Programs Teresa Chavez
International Student Services and Programs Teresa Chavez
KeyCard-Accounting Teresa Chavez
Kinesiology Teresa Chavez
Kremen School of Education and Human Development Teresa Chavez
Learning Center Teresa Chavez
Liberal Studies Program Teresa Chavez
Library Services Teresa Chavez
Linguistics Teresa Chavez
Literacy and Early Education Teresa Chavez
Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teresa Chavez
Lyles College of Engineering Donna Freeman
Management Donna Freeman
Marching Band Teresa Chavez
Marketing and Logistics Donna Freeman
Mass Communication and Journalism Teresa Chavez
Mathematics Donna Freeman
Mechanical Engineering Donna Freeman
Military Science/Army ROTC Donna Freeman
Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Teresa Chavez
Music Teresa Chavez
Nursing Teresa Chavez
Office of Budget and Treasury Management Teresa Chavez
Office of Community and Economic Development Teresa Chavez
Office of the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services Teresa Chavez
Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Teresa Chavez
Office of the President Teresa Chavez
Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs/Associate Provost Teresa Chavez
Parking Traffic Operations Donna Freeman
Payroll Services Donna Freeman
Philosophy Teresa Chavez
Physical Therapy Teresa Chavez
Physics Donna Freeman
Plant Operations Donna Freeman
Plant Science Donna Freeman
Police Donna Freeman
Political Science Donna Freeman
Printing and Mail Services Teresa Chavez
Procurement and Support Services Teresa Chavez
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Resources Teresa Chavez
Psychology Donna Freeman
Public Health Teresa Chavez
Recreation Administration and Leisure Studies Program Teresa Chavez
Research and Sponsored Programs Teresa Chavez
Services for Students with Disabilities Donna Freeman
Smittcamp Family Honors College Teresa Chavez
Social Work Education Teresa Chavez
Sociology Donna Freeman
Student Involvement Teresa Chavez
Student Life Teresa Chavez
Student Success Services Teresa Chavez
Summer Bridge Teresa Chavez
Telecommunications Donna Freeman
Testing Services Teresa Chavez
Theatre Arts Teresa Chavez
University Business Center Donna Freeman
University Communications Teresa Chavez
University Health and Psychological Services Donna Freeman
University Outreach Services Teresa Chavez
Utility Management Donna Freeman
Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer Donna Freeman
Vice President for University Advancement Teresa Chavez
Vice President for Student Affairs Donna Freeman
Viticulture and Enology Research Center Donna Freeman
Warehouse and Property Services Teresa Chavez
Women's Resource Center Donna Freeman
Women's Studies Donna Freeman