Information Technology Strategic Plan

The current IT Strategic Plan for Fresno State was endorsed by the Academic Senate on April 22 following consultation with many campus constituencies during the fall and spring semesters. A copy of the full plan is available for download on the 'Documents' page.

The university community thrives on its mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops. Students expect educational options that fit their busy lifestyles as they prepare for their chosen careers. The Information Technology Strategic Plan addresses those expectations in many engaging ways.

The Information Technology Strategic Plan is a four-year effort that will support the university’s Strategic Plan for Excellence IV, which is the principal document outlining Fresno State’s overarching goals through 2015. The plan is a continued outgrowth from the university’s initial IT Strategic Plan in 2000. It is the result of nearly 20 meetings during the 2011-12 academic year.

As Fresno State embarks on its second century, our focus on students is stronger than ever. The Information Technology Strategic Plan will play a key role in demonstrating our commitment to student success and achievement.

The plan aims to broaden the use of technology to facilitate students' learning by providing faculty support, supporting course redesign, and extending innovative class scheduling. The plan also supports the growing research activity of faculty.
(See Strategic Plan for Excellence Theme 2 & 3)

Implementation of the plan will also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of campus services and will ensure that infrastructure and technology assistance is maintained, expanded and strengthened. It will open up paths to new opportunities such as serving a diverse population from around the world and facilitating more collaborations with California State University campuses and other institutions. Accessibility also also continue to be an important priority.
(See Strategic Plan for Excellence Theme 4 & 5)

At the same time, Technology Services and Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT) will both augment their skills as the university’s primary Information Technology organizations. In addition, other faculty and staff with expertise will be encouraged to share their knowledge and insight.