Committee & Members

The Campus Master Plan Coordinating Committee endeavors to create a framework for future growth and development at Fresno State. This framework responds to the institution’s mission, goals, the Strategic Plan for Excellence III - 2006-2011, and our programmatic needs by enhancing the physical environment, and facilities of the campus.

The Master Plan provides a timeframe and order that best accomplishes the goals of the Master Plan by looking at both short- and long-range needs of the campus. When fully implemented, the Master Plan will provide for the University an attractive campus that promotes intellectual and social interchange between student, faculty, staff and the surrounding community in line with the University’s plan for the New California.

Michael Botwin Chair, Academic Senate Executive
Deborah S. Adishian-Astone Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
Mark Aydelotte Past Associate Vice President for University Communications
Shirley Armbruster Interim Assistant Vice President for University Communications
Thomas Boeh Director of Athletics
Robert Boyd Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Doug Hensler Dean, Craig School of Business
Kathy Johnson Associate Director, Facilities Planning
James S. Kus Chair, FACEL
Jody Hironaka-Juteau Past Chair, President’s Committee on Disabilities
Craig Miner Past Chair, President’s Committee on Disabilities
Paul Ogden Chair, President’s Committee on Disabilities
Juan Pablo Moncayo
President, Associated Students
Jennifer Reimer Past President, Associated Students
Kenneth Shipley Associate Provost
Ganesan Srinivasan Director, Agricultural Operations
Cynthia Teniente-Matson Vice President for Administration
Julie Tone SBC California
Robin Tricoli Strategic Planning Consultant
Bernard Vinovrski Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
Dave Moll Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Sustainability