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Housing Policies

University Courtyard has policies and regulations that give clear direction to residents who live on campus. A portion of the policies pay particular attention to fire and life safety issues. The policies are outlined below:

Candles/Incense/Open Flames

Because of fire marshal regulations, candles in any form are prohibited in University Courtyard. Open fires, including burning candles and activities potentially dangerous to property or disruptive to the community, such as incense and aromatic oils are also prohibited within University Courtyard. All items (including candles) will be confiscated and violators of any of these policies are subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.


Fire regulations require that certain cooking appliances not be permitted in rooms or suites except for the micro fridge provided by University Courtyard. For safety reasons, any resident found using any prohibited cooking items will have the item(s) confiscated and returned at check-out. Please consult the Facilities policies (appliances) for a list of approved appliances.


In the event of an evacuation of any building(s), residents are to exit the building immediately per directions of staff. Staff may knock and then key into each room to be sure all residents have exited the building. In the event of any emergency, be alert and responsive to instructions from staff.


Discharging firecrackers, fireworks, projectiles or any explosive device is prohibited. Violations of this include, but are not limited to, discharging or in anyway attempting to discharge types of manufactured or homemade fireworks or flaming projectiles including cannons or bottle rockets inside or adjacent to University Courtyard. The size of the explosive is irrelevant. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of your housing license upon the first offense.

Facility Policies

  • APPLIANCES: Electrical devices such as stereos, TVs, hair dryers, coffee pots, air popcorn poppers, blenders, radios and personal computers are permitted, if they are UL approved and portable. Space heaters and cooking appliances (examples: hot plates, toasters, rice cookers) are NOT permitted!
  • BALCONIES/PATIOS: NO SMOKING! No personal items, trash, or bikes may be kept on the balconies. No BBQs are permitted on the balconies, sidewalks or grass. Anyone in violation of these policies will have the bike, furniture or BBQ confiscated and returned at check-out. Lawn furniture may be brought onto the patios.
  • CEILINGS: You may not display any type of wall hangings, flags or posters on the ceiling. This is a fire hazard. During health and safety inspections you will be required to remove them. If not removed by resident in the time stipulated, Housing reserves the right to remove them.
  • FIRE EQUIPMENT: Tampering with fire equipment, e.g. fire alarms, extinguishers and smoke detectors is a violation of University Courtyard policies. Violations of this include, but are not limited to, removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location, fully or partially discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire, tampering with smoke alarms located in public areas, taping smoke alarms in bedrooms, setting off false fire alarms, or removing or damaging exit lights and starting fires. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of your housing license upon the first offense.

Fire Alarms/Drills

Fire drills will be held periodically. Please note that all rooms are checked as a standard evacuation procedure and that all University policies are enforced during this time. You are REQUIRED to leave the building whenever the fire alarm is sounded. Residents with disabilities are cleared from their room first. Staff is directed to knock on the door first, then key into every room. Failure to evacuate may subject you to criminal prosecutions, fines and/ or disciplinary action.

In the event of a fire alarm/drill, residents are required to report to the following sections of Lot G:

  • North:  Baker, Ponderosa, Aspen, Sycamore
  • Middle:  Graves, Atrium, Cedar, Sequoia
  • South:  Homan, Birch

It is important for all residents and staff to evacuate immediately to designated areas in order for Residence Life Staff and emergency personnel to be able to determine if halls have been evacuated.

Fire Extinguishers and Equipment

All residence halls are equipped with fire extinguishers which are to be used in the event that a minor fire should occur. If you find a fire extinguisher that is not in its proper place, please notify a member of the Residential Life Staff. Tampering with extinguishers is a $50 fine. False alarms, removal or unnecessary discharge of fire extinguishers, propping doors and removal of exit signs compromise the safety of the residence halls. Residents found engaging in the above listed activities may be dismissed from the residence halls. Other fire safety violations will be dealt with through the disciplinary process. Whenever a smoke detector alarm sounds, it is important to determine whether or not a fire emergency exists. If one does, or if it cannot be determined because the door to the room is locked, then immediately pull a fire alarm located in the center and at the end of every hallway. An alarm will sound throughout the building and the Fresno State Police Department will be notified automatically. Smoke detector alarms sound only in the room where they are activated, so you must pull a fire alarm to notify the  Fresno State Police Department and the hall residents if there is a fire. Fire alarm pull boxes are located throughout the complex. You should become familiar with their locations. Once a fire alarm is pulled, it is the responsibility of each resident to evacuate their residence hall when the alarm sounds or be subject to criminal prosecution, fine and/or Residence Hall disciplinary action. Tampering with a smoke detector or a fire alarm is a $100 fine. Certain items are not allowed on University Courtyard premises because of the fire hazard they pose to residents. For a list of prohibited items, please see inside front cover.

Fire Safety

It’s up to you to keep your living areas safe and prevent fire hazards. Always use a surge protector when plugging in multiple cords, especially computers or laptops. Use caution when cooking or utilizing the kitchens located in the community style halls.


Because of the potential fire hazard, hookahs are not allowed in University Courtyard and will be confiscated if found.

Smoke Detectors

All resident rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. If your smoke detector needs maintenance, notify staff immediately by filling out a Facility Service Request at the Atrium Desk. If a smoke detector emits a low battery beep, fill out a Facility Service Request form at the Atrium Customer Service Desk so the battery can be replaced.

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

As of April 1, 2003, Fresno State adopted a smoke-free campus policy and allotted for designated smoking areas on campus. This policy applies to all University facilities, owned or leased, regardless of location, athletic facilities, the amphitheater, and all state and auxiliary vehicles. This policy pertains to students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public attending campus events. University Courtyard, in conjunction with the University, has designated five (5) areas of University Courtyard where smoking (including electric cigarettes) is permitted. They are: Atrium Patio designated uncovered areas only; table located outside on the north side of the Atrium; table located outside to the south of Birch and north of Cedar; tables located outside between Graves and Homan next to the BBQs; red wooden bench outside on the east main lobby of Baker near the bike racks. Students found smoking in other areas may be subject to disciplinary action. Because of the potential fire hazards of smoking tobacco in pipes and hookahs, they are not allowed in University Courtyard and will be confiscated.