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Invited Visitor Parking

If invited to campus, an office or department may provide you with a "coupon code" for daily parking at no charge.

What is a "Coupon Code?"

A "coupon code" is a six (6) digit number that will allow invited visitors to receive a daily parking permit at no charge from one of the 16 parking permit dispensers located throughout the campus (campus map).

What is/where are the parking permit dispensers?

  • Parking dispensers allow people to buy one-day parking permits for $3.00, or allow visitors with a "coupon code" to obtain a one-day parking permit at no cost.
  • Parking dispensers are located in various parking lots around the campus (see campus map)

How does it work?

Please watch this instructional video for retrieving a parking permit with your coupon code from one of the permit dispensing machines on campus.

The permit is valid in yellow or green parking lots for that day.