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Theft Prevention


  1. Always lock your bike. Whenever you leave your bike unattended, whether it's in a garage, outside your dorm room, apartment, or even if you're only going to be gone for "just a second," MAKE SURE YOU LOCK IT UP.
  2. Use a U-Lock. Cables and chains are no longer sufficient in providing security for your bicycle because they can be cut too easily. We recommend using a reliable U-Lock such as the “Kryptonite” brand.
  3. Use the U-Lock Correctly. Position your bicycle so that the frame and the front wheel take up as much of the space inside the U-Lock as possible. Pass the U-Lock through the front spokes, through the bike rack, and over the bike frame before securing the lock into place.
  4. Only use designated bike racks. Only lock your bicycle to permanent bike racks located on campus. DO NOT lock your bikes to trees, handrails, posts or chain link fences. Any bicycles located in unauthorized locations will be immobilized.
  5. Bike Accessories. Secure any extra components or accessories that can easily be removed. Bike shops have security devices available for these items.