Smoke-Free Campus Policy

California State University, Fresno is committed to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for the students, faculty and staff of this campus. The campus recognizes the health risks associated with second hand smoke and to mitigate these risks as well as preserve the rights of individuals who choose to smoke the campus has established the following policy regarding smoking.

Policy Summary

The legislature of the State of California has enacted legislation banning smoking from workplaces and all buildings accessible to the general public throughout the state. The California State University Trustees have further authorized campuses to limit smoking to specified areas or ban smoking on the campuses altogether.

In light of these findings and actions,

  1. The University shall be a smoke free campus except for officially posted designated smoking areas effective April 1, 2003. Smoking and vaping items include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, pipes, vaporizers and hookahs. In addition, the use of smokeless tobacco in any form is strongly discouraged and shall not be permitted in any classroom or other enclosed facility. Smokeless tobacco items include, but are not limited to, snuff, snus, chew and any other non-combustible tobacco product.
  2. No smoke-generating or tobacco products shall be sold or distributed in any manner on campus. This prohibition includes free samples distributed by vendors or event sponsors. Advertising and sponsorship of campus events by tobacco companies shall be discouraged.
  3. This policy shall apply to all University facilities, owned or leased, regardless of location, athletic facilities, the amphitheater and all state and auxiliary vehicles.
  4. This policy pertains to students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public attending campus events.
  5. The designated areas shall be within a reasonable distance for access by students, faculty, staff, administrators and visitors as determined by the appropriate administrator.
  6. The campus shall make available to students, faculty, staff and administrators information about smoking cessation programs.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability is established as the department in charge of overseeing issues related to the smoking policy, including non-compliance with the policy, making arrangements for publication of the policy and monitoring the locations of the designated areas, as traffic patterns or needs require.

Questions and problems regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability at 278-7422.

To view the Smoke Free Campus Policy (G-57) in its entirety in the University Policy and Procedures website click here

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