Chancellor's Office Common Network Initiative (CNI)

Campus Network Upgrades

In August, Technology Services began the preliminary work for the campus network infrastructure upgrades as part of the Chancellor’s Office Common Network Initiative (CNI).   

Beginning the week of October 27 and continuing through December 2014, AT&T and Technology Services will upgrade the network infrastructure of each building on campus one by one, according to an established upgrade schedule. Temporary and intermittent service interruption of email, phone service, file shares, Internet access, and network printing can be expected. The length of the service interruption for each building will vary depending on the difficulty of the upgrade and can range from as little as five minutes to more than two hours.  We will be able to provide a more specific time frame for service outages once the upgrades begin. Please plan for service interruptions.  

In buildings where the upgrade process is expected to be more challenging and longer network and wireless outages are expected, alternative upgrade arrangements have been made and will be communicated to those departments.  

Every effort will be made to upgrade building Wi-Fi services first so users have access to Wi-Fi while their building’s “hard-wire” connections are upgraded.  

If the upgrade for your building is scheduled on a day that conflicts with a significant department event, please contact Larry Clutts, or 559.278.0143 to discuss other options.   

Additional information will be provided throughout the duration of the upgrade. 


No upgrades will occur on:  

No upgrades are scheduled for:

  • November 27-28
  • University Student Union
  •  December 25
  • Residence hall and dining facilities
  •  January 1
  • Bookstore
  • Auxiliary Services
  • University High School

 Upgrade Benefits 

  • Equipment Life Cycle - Upgrading to new equipment ensures that timely support will continue to be available in the event of problems or equipment failure. Certain central equipment currently serving the campus is approaching “end of support” by its manufacturer.
  • Capacity - Additional capacity (bandwidth) to support the ever-increasing requirements of wireless networking and datacenter operations will be available.  Most of the wireless access points will also be upgraded to support the latest wireless standards and speeds.
  • Support cost - The CSU is moving to a new equipment vendor with lower support and equipment costs. 

Thank you for your cooperation during this beneficial project. For more information about CNI, visit the CSU Synergy page regarding Next Generation CyberInfrastructure

Questions, concerns, or to alert Technology Services of critical activity dates: Larry Clutts, 278.0143. 

Contact the Help Desk at 278.5000 if you experience service issues after your building upgrade date.


It is the policy of the CSU to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff and the general public, regardless of disability.