Fresno State Call Center

Call CenterThe Fresno State Student Call Center is dedicated to helping alumni, parents and friends of the University stay connected to Fresno State. Since the revitalization of the call center in 2007, student callers have raised more than $1.2 million for Fresno State.

Who is calling me?

The Fresno State Student Call Center employs only current Fresno State students. They represent a diverse mix of majors, campus affiliations and backgrounds. While talking to our students, please feel free to share your own experiences at Fresno State.

Where is the Fresno State Call Center?

The Call Center is located in the same building as our Office of University Development, on the Fresno State campus. All calls from the Call Center will show up on your phone as 559.278.0000.

Why do I keep getting calls from 559.278.0000?

All calls that are generated from the Fresno State campus display on your caller ID as 559.278.0000. This includes calls from the student call center, the Alumni Association, the Bulldog Foundation, and any office or faculty phone calls.

When should I expect a call?

The majority of our calls occur during the evening, Sunday through Thursday to reach you after the work day. Occasionally our students will make calls during the day to accommodate other schedules and during busy times we will make calls on the weekend as well.

Why do you call when students are not in session?

Our student callers work at the call center to help pay for their own education. When classes are not in session many of our student callers want to continue working for the University.

What is the Annual Fund?

Through the Call Center you can donate to any aspect of the University’s Annual Fund. Our donors support their previous majors, college, scholarship programs or any area of the University that they feel connected to. We encourage our donors to support the area that best suits their interests and passion for Fresno State. Please contact the Office of Annual Giving if you want more information about different areas where you can donate.

Where did you get my information?

When you graduate from Fresno State you leave us your current contact information. For many alumni, this information changes over the years. Rather than continue to rely on incorrect data, we update your records with information that is public record to ensure that we can continue to communicate with our alumni and friends.

Why is supporting the University's Annual Fund so important?

Your support of the Annual Fund helps Fresno State continue to offer state of the art education during difficult economic times. The current economy presents new challenges for students and their families as they follow their dream of a college education. With your support, our students are able to continue to experience the same quality education that you received. Additionally strong alumni support of our university helps our national rankings, and therefore increases the value of the education that you or your family received at Fresno State.

Why do you ask that we fulfill our pledge with a credit card donation?

By fulfilling your pledge with your credit card you help us cut down on our administrative costs. After you make a pledge to Fresno State, we follow up with you via mail and email. When you fulfill your donation with your credit card you lower Fresno State’s print and postage costs.

Why do you ask for a minimum amount of a gift?

Our Office of University Development must process all gifts that are received by Fresno State. Regardless of the gift size, these donations are treated with the same attention and care. Requesting a minimum donation helps us keep our processing costs down. Additionally, when you pledge a confirmed dollar amount, we are able to notify the college or program that will be receiving your donation and they are better able to budget for their incoming donation dollars.

What happens after I make a pledge through the Call Center?

After you confirm your pledge with our Call Center manager you will receive a pledge confirmation letter in the mail. You can pay your pledge using the reply card and envelope that is provided in this letter. You can also sign online and make a payment on your pledge at

Why don't you just send me requests in the mail?

We prefer to talk to you on the telephone so that we can personally update you about the things that matter most to you. Our student callers are very knowledgeable about Fresno State. Not only do they have the most up to date information regarding the university, but they also can share firsthand what life is like for a current Fresno State student. These conversations help bring back fond memories for our alumni, give parents insight into their own child’s experiences, and provide our friends and donors with a better understanding of the Fresno State community experience. These calls also give you a chance to share your own memories, ask questions, and offer advice to our Fresno State students.

How can I make a greater impact with my donation?

Many employers participate in matching gift programs. Through these programs your employer can double or even triple the impact of your charitable donation by matching your gift. Please talk to your Human Resources department to find out if your company participates in this program or call us for more information.

I'm on the Do Not Call List so why do I keep getting calls from you?

The National Do Not Call Registry does not apply to non-profit institutions. We understand that you might prefer to communicate with us in another manner. Please let us know if you would like to be placed on our internal do not call list. You may also select to receive email or mail information regarding University news, events and donation options.