Booth The mission of Fresno State Floral Laboratory is to assist in the advancement of education for university students and others in the community, who are interested in pursuing a career in floral design, event planning and academic instruction. The floral laboratory serves as a stationary location for laboratory sessions for OH-4 a floral design course offered by the university. The laboratory also provides assistance and materials for this and other ornamental horticulture courses. We hope to broaden the techniques of anyone who is interested in floral, while also showing them the business aspects that can be needed. These aspects include market analysis, and financial procedures to name a few.

Each spring the floral laboratory is responsible for overseeing the floriculture career development event during Fresno State’s FFA Field Day, as well as servicing various departments with graduation and hooding ceremonies in May. Several of the departments on campus have caught on to the floral labs commitment to produce exceptional pieces and continue to purchase and support the academic mission of our student assistants. Although we are unable to grow our own cut flowers; due to demand and lack of space, each one of our products is still made with dedication and pride. We would like to thank you for visiting our site and for your support.