TimeOut, Red Wave & Victor E. Bulldog

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Fresno State’s mascot, TimeOut, first debuted in the 1970s. Since then, TimeOut has become an ambassador for Fresno State and can be seen at campus and athletic events. Full of Bulldog Pride, TimeOut has become a key fixture to our university since first worn by Charles Mugredechian. The students performing as Fresno State's mascot, TimeOut, are provided annual awards by the Bulldog Pride Fund, a scholarship under the auspices of the Fresno State Alumni Association. 

Red Wave

Bulldog fans all around support Fresno State athletics through the Red Wave! Spurred from when the Fresno Bee newspaper wrote that the audience “was like a red wave,” fans have adopted the term Red Wave to become a highly visible, loud and proud support for our athletes. Since the 2001 season, on average nearly 40,000 fans have come to support Fresno State becoming a leader among West Coast schools in attendance to sporting events (Fresno State Athletics).

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Victor E. Bulldog

The initial idea of having a live mascot dates back to 1921 when Fresno State College students were greeted by a white bulldog on campus each lunch hour. Soon students were bringing him to football games and the Fresno Morning Republican referred to Fresno State as the Bulldogs. The nickname stuck, but there was no official mascot until 1935. Tradition waned until the 1980s when the live bulldog mascot tradition was revived by a football coach, the late Jim Sweeney, and his bulldog, Half-Time.

Victor E. Bulldog, Fresno State's four-legged mascot since 2006, passed away after succumbing to his battle with cancer on Aug. 10, 2012.

Victor E. Bulldog II was introduced at Bulldog Stadium on Sept. 15, 2012. Victor E. Bulldog II regularly attended football games and made appearances during halftime, spurring excitement from the Red Wave. He also made special appearances at various on-campus and athletic events throughout the year. Victor E. Bulldog II passed away on March 12, 2015.