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Upcoming Program Schedule:Consumption and Sustainability

January 22 – February 15

            Art Exhibition: 2013 Artist Invitational, Conley Art Gallery

            Opening reception: January 31, 5-8 pm

            Kim Abeles, Adriane Colburn, Kirsten Hassenfeld & Michael Oliveri

            Presented by the Department of the Art and Design.


February 10 – April 7

            Art Exhibition: IGNITE! The Art of Sustainability, Arte Américas

            Opening reception: February 10, 2-4 pm

            Thirteen of California’s foremost environmental artists collaborate to
            communicate a heightened connection to their natural surroundings.

            Funding provided by The Central Valley Foundation’s McClatchy  
            Fresno Art Endowment.


March 22

            CineCulture Film: Chasing Ice (2012)

            The Leon S. and Pete P. Peters Educational Center: 5:30 pm

            A photographer tries to deliver evidence and hope to our carbon-
            powered planet. Rated PG-13. 75 minutes.

            Presented by the Department of Mass Communication and

            Co-Sponsor: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

           View this event's press release here.


April 2

            Ethics Center Lecture: “Zoopolis and the Frontiers of Citizenship”
            Alice Peters Auditorium, University Business Center: 5-6 pm

            Featuring: Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson

            A focus on the way humans and animals are bound in a complex web
            of relationships, which require both justice and compassion.

            Presented by The Ethics Center as part of the Leon S. Peters Ethics
            Lecture Series.


April 4 – 26

            Art Exhibition: Art Scientifique, “The Sustainable Earth: The Science
            of Ecology”

            Opening reception: Chris Sorensen’s Gallery, April 4, 5-8 pm at Art

            Local artists reflect biodiversity, habitats, sustainability, conservation,
            flora and fauna, and climate change.

            Presented by the College of Science and Mathematics.


April 8

            Debate: Consumption, Sustainability, and Transformation: Can We
            Convert to a “Clean” Source of Energy?

            Barking Bulldog Debate Team: Free Speech Area, 12 pm

            In this public debate, the affirmative will defend the virtually unlimited
            promise of clean energy technology, and the negative will argue that
            improvements in production only mask greater levels of consumption.

            Presented by Department of Communication and the Cohort for
            Urban and Regional Transformation.


April 26

            CineCulture Film: Valley of Saints (2012)

            The Leon S. and Pete P. Peters Educational Center: 5:30 pm

            A boatman of the Dal Lake in the Himalayas starts to see how trash
            is a threat and learns simple methods to help alleviate the problem.
            No Rating. 82 minutes.

            Featuring: Nicholas Bruckman, Producer 

            Presented by the Department of Mass Communication and

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