Virginia Crisco

Co-coordinator, First Year Writing Program

PB 443 –

Virginia Crisco

Dr. Virginia (Ginny) Crisco has been with the English department since 2005. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she specialized in Rhetoric, Literacy Studies, Teacher Development, and Composition Theory and Pedagogy.

 Dr. Crisco co-coordinates the first-year writing program, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in writing, literacy studies, and composition theory and pedagogy, and conducts workshops with Central Valley High School teachers on teaching expository writing. Dr. Crisco is also the Chair of the University Subcommittee on Writing where she is working to implement an upper division writing program. Dr. Crisco’s current research bridges areas of literacy and rhetoric, explores the connections between language, diversity, and activism, and extends conversations about the effects of critical pedagogy on literacy and learning. 

Recent Publications:

"Activating Activist Literacy: Discovering Dispositions for Civic Identity Development." Composition Studies. 43.2 (Fall 2009).

 “The Responsibilities of Social Justice: Activist Literacy, Race, and California State University." CCCC Conversations on Diversity. April 30, 2009