Richard Hansen

Rick HansenDr. Rick Hansen received his Ph.D. in American Literature at UC Davis in 1994, the same year he was hired to run the English department's teacher training program.

As Co-Coordinator for the credential program, Dr. Hansen established numerous contacts with high school and university teachers by opening discussions on a wide range of pedagogical, curricular, literacy, and theoretical topics. Serving as Co-Director of the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project from 1995-2000, Dr. Hansen rekindled his passion for writing pedagogy and theory.

Currently, Dr. Hansen is teaching, serving as the Writing Program Administrator for the freshman composition program, and chairing the University Subcommittee on Writing. His teaching focuses on writing, pedagogy, curricular design, composition theory, literary theory, and American literature.

Dr. Hansen is married to Karen Marguth, and has four children: Kelly, Megan, Erin, and Joe.

Dr. Rick Hansen has been with the department since 1994.