Bo Wang

Bo Wang, Associate Professor of English, earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Wang’s research interests include rhetorical theory and history, feminist rhetoric and historiography, comparative/ethnic rhetoric, Asian American rhetoric, postcolonial and transnational studies, and writing in translingual and transcultural spaces. She has published numerous essays in the journals Advances in the History of Rhetoric, College Composition and Communication, College English, Rhetoric Review, and Rhetoric Society Quarterly as well as in the edited collections Comparative Rhetoric: The Art of Traversing Rhetorical Times, Places and Spaces and Representations: Doing Asian American Rhetoric—the latter received the Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize in 2009 from the Modern Language Association of America for distinguished research in language and culture. Dr. Wang is on the Editorial Board of Rhetoric Review and has served as a manuscript reviewer for the major journals in her discipline including College Composition and Communication, Rhetoric Review, and Peitho. Her coedited “Symposium: Manifesting a Future for Comparative Rhetoric” is forthcoming in 2015. Currently she is at work on a book project on translated feminism and writing women in early-twentieth-century China.

Dr. Wang has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in rhetorical theory/history, comparative/feminist rhetoric, writing theory/pedagogy, and academic literacy. As Co-Director of the First-Year Writing Program, she has done extensive work mentoring graduate teaching associates, developing the common curriculum, and designing program policies and procedures. She has also served on the University Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Advisory Council at CSU Fresno.

Dr. Wang joined the English Department in 2005.